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Sell, don’t strategize about Selling

Sitting in your office and developing multiple selling strategies will most often lead to “no sales”. Those who wait until they have perfected both their product/service and the marketing process are, what I call, procrastinators.

To build a business you will eventually have to get in front of someone and present your product or service. Developing a wonderful web site and starting a blog and e-newsletter and then joining all the social media sites, is all well and good. If you work at it for months or years, you may get a following and actually sell something.

Unless your target market is an online only market, the best way to start the business growth process is by sitting in from of a real live person and making a presentation.

There is a lost art that is called “cold calling”. That requires walking into a place of business and giving your 60 second benefit talk.( remember to ask  about their business and how you can help them before you start sharing your own story.) If you are lucky, you will be invited to share your story.  It takes GUTS (God’s Undeniable, Terrific, Secret) to make a cold call, but sometimes that is the best and only option.

If the invitation to visit is not extended then it’s time to give a copy of your benefit description marketing piece. I suggest also leaving a copy of your e-newsletter and asking permission to include them on your mailing list. The last step is to send a follow up, handwritten, note. This should be mailed no later than the day following your visit.

Unless you have more business than you can possibly handle, define your target market, prepare your introductory speech and story, make sure your marketing material is well done and start your “cold calls”. It may take some practice before you succeed, but perseverance is always the key to success.

What a refreshing thought, actually going out and working for new business.

People will not always remember what you said or did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Nick J. Petra    If you don’t call us, you will never know the opportunities we could have developed together.

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