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Massive power failure… What do you do?

“Hackers” are infiltrating some of our most secure private and public data bases! What else can they do? Most of us are aware that our computers are vulnerable and that the security in most homes and small businesses is not enough to prevent a loss of information.  There may be an even more serious scenario. Is it possible for the Hackers to attack our power grid system and either destroy it or put it out of circulation for a period of a week or longer?

The consequences would be catastrophic. Without power not only will you be without electricity, but without water; gas pumps won’t work;  and life as we know it would come to a halt.  I will let you use your imagination as to what your own community would look like.

From a business perspective there are several precautions you can take:

  • Back up your computer, not only through a remote internet based service but also store it in a portable device that you can secure.
  • Communications will be critical; keep a crank radio in your office which can also power your cell phone.
  • Solar panels have become light weight and small, and a portable solar package can easily power a computer, small appliances, charge your cell phone and provide light.
  • Check the physical security in your office. If you leave it for a week and someone breaks in, what damage can be caused? What important paperwork, etc. would you lose?

Part of running a business is to be prepared for the unexpected and then pray that it never happens.  There are other situations that can result in the same catastrophic damage as a massive power failure. Take this issue to the next step and look at your family, are they prepared in the event of a natural disaster or man-made disaster?

We have been addressing this issue and helping families and small businesses prepare for unforeseen events as part of the planning process for over 10 years.  We have written a record keeping system for families with an inter-active disk as well as packages including the items mentioned in this blog.

The best way to enjoy your personal life and to grow a business is with the knowledge that we have prepared ourselves as best we could for both the planned happenings in our lives as well as the unexpected happenings that we are sure to encounter.

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