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Sharing your site with your business support partners


Almost  all small businesses have a web site and most small business have a following.  As individuals we stay in contact with our “friends and clients” by e-mail, newsletters, etc.  In past blogs I have shared the importance of having a business support group; the group is made up of “trusted businesses” that you are familiar with.  This support group cares about you from a personal and business point of view. They represent the type of services and products that you do not hesitate to recommend to others and they feel the same about your product or service.

Beside the friendships developed and personal referrals, this group can all benefit by doing the following:

  • On each business website post an additional page(s) that list by business category, the business type , contact information, contact person. Using the “tweet” method, enter a short description

(no more than 140 words) of the product or service, of your business support group.

  • Invite all your business support group members to exchange information to post in on their “trusted businesses “page.
  • Create a visible link on your home page for this referral information.
  • Post information on this recommended business product/service providers list in your next e-mail, blog or newsletter.
  • Consider adopting a standard information page to be used by all your support members.

The concept of exchanging links is not new; however, this method provides more detail and has a better chance of success.  If you don’t feel comfortable referring your business support group, then you have the wrong group.

When the pace of change outside an organization becomes greater than the pace of change inside the organization, the end is near.

John R. Walter

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