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We are in the people business…so look and act like it

Telling your story, on a one on one basis, is a very powerful way to introduce your product or service. There is, however, a problem if this is your main approach. The first seven seconds of your meeting may determine whether your prospect will buy your product/service.

This critical seven seconds are judged on:

  • How you dress
  • How you walk
  • How you smile
  • Your confidence
  • Your enthusiasm
  • Your sincerity
  • Your first verbal communication

The person you are meeting has expectations in each of these categories. You have to prepare to meet those expectations. By virtue of the product or service you are providing, a certain expectation is formed in the mind of your prospect. The meeting location also dictates how you prepare. If possible, you should try to meet in a place that doesn’t have distractions, either for you or your prospect.

You may think that these are easy tasks to accomplish, but like anything else worthwhile they require practice and perhaps some outside help in critiquing you in each of these areas.

These all important  first seven seconds opens the door for the rest of your presentation which also has to be carefully crafted.  The presentation has to convey the following: you truly care about the prospect; you want to help your prospect; and you want your prospect to trust you. Again, practice and support from your coach will help you master this part of the presentation. Then and only then, do you present the benefits of your product or service.

Nobody wants to be sold, but everyone wants to be helped.

Nick J Petra      we work hard at winning your trust and confidence.

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