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Marketing is branding….and so are all your actions.

A powerful marketing program will help you build a powerful brand. The other aspect to brand building is that anything that the company and its owners/employees do, also contribute to building a brand. The result of a powerful brand is that branding “pre-sells” the product or service to the user.

By looking at brand building as both marketing and the action of the owners/employees, it creates new challenges for the business owner, especially for the small business owner. Small businesses are under the microscope much more than mega corporations.  Every individual move you make, like any marketing move your company makes is analyzed and attaches to the brand building process.

The basic premise for branding relies on the fact that most people, in their minds, try to assign one brand name to each product. My personal brand assignment for coffee is Starbucks. Not only did their branding process convince me that I like Starbucks coffee better than any other coffee ( I grind fresh Starbucks for breakfast and carry a Starbucks card with me at all times. I also give Starbucks cards as thank you gifts) but I was impressed with the overall company enough to invest in their stock.

Now take a look at your product or service that you want to brand. Starbucks branded coffee, notice that it didn’t brand anything else it sells, just “coffee”. I consider that a very narrow focus upon which to start a marketing/branding program. What is your focus? How is it different? Is there a newsworthy story in your “focus”?

Think of words that define well branded products: Mercedes, Ford, Kleenex, Pepsi, etc.  Do you have a unique word that defines your product or service?  Is the price and tag line that accompanies your work geared towards your target market? Consider the many brands of watches; everything from a $10 digital watch to a Rolex. Sure, they both serve the same purpose, but given a choice which one would you rather have?

Building a brand is not an “instant” process, it is, however, an important component of the business and marketing plan that the firm designs and implements. It has to be monitored and protected and should be the driving force for all marketing and individual actions.

If you want people to remember what you say, you need to say the right thing at the right moment in the right way!

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