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How your business benefits with a Strategic Duck Affiliation

Our firm, Strategic Duck, offers many unique benefits to the small and medium size business. I must also emphasize that a start-up business as well as a commissioned sales person also needs our support. Let’s review a few of the benefits and the “why” behind them;

  • Strategic Business Plan. Without a working business plan, one that has direction and accountability, chances for surviving are less than 5%. No two business plans are identical. Each plan is made up of a lot of factors including the product/service offered, the owner’s business philosophy as well as the external factors that influence the marketplace. Each business plan is designed individually for a specific client.
  • Coaching: We don’t abandon a client. Once the Strategic Plan is completed, we set up a mutually convenient schedule to help with the implementation of the plan. This allows us to answer questions and make necessary adjustments as internal and external factors change.           We believe that you should be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.
  • Communications:  When you need “support”, in whatever form it may take, we are available with short notice. E-mail and text messages are returned the day received. We can also set up specific conference calls, via SKYPE, for example, where you can review your day or week.  Encouragement and listening are two important parts of our communication system.
  • Affordability: We charge according to the needs of our clients. Our first visit helps us determine what your needs are and gives us both an opportunity to get to know each other and to establish compatibility. Of course, there is no charge for the first visit. Our goal is to grow with you and to earn your trust as we prove our capability.

The first step is always the hardest. Fear of the unknown, lack of trust and unwillingness to make a commitment all are reasons for not calling. Your success is our only goal and establishing a trust relationship is something we work hard to achieve.

Good leaders do more than motivate people to follow in the moment. They provide structure that allows leadership to flourish.                                                                               John C. Maxwell

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