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Target Marketing 101

Back to the basics: No matter how much I write about the importance of target marketing, I still have new clients excited about marketing their products and services to everyone. There can never be too much review on the importance of targeting your market. Let’s review a few of the benefits and the how to, of target marketing:

  • It maximizes your efforts and saves time and money
  • It means that you know what your customer looks like and where to find him
  • It tells you who to have lunch with
  • It tells you how to dress to meet client expectations
  • It allows for the creation of an effective marketing plan
  • It makes it easier to recognize and deal with change
  • It makes it easier to establish a brand for your services / products
  • You can better prepare yourself to offer unique services/products
  • You can identify their specific needs
  • You know what additional education you need to better serve your clients
  • It becomes easier to define your benefits
  • Your marketing material has a single purpose and becomes more effective

Part of the Strategic Planning Process involves identifying the target market. Only after this is accomplished is the rest of the plan completed. With this single focus an income stream can be generated in a shorter period of time.

Take some time and identify your ideal target market. Next, review the points outlined above and integrate them into your daily marketing efforts.  The results will amaze you!

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.  D. Boorstin

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