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The referral guide, a business must…

Referrals are an essential part of growing a business. Traditionally we hand out business cards to anyone who will take one. We have a web page and a blog and we ask everyone we come in contact with to send us referrals. In spite of all these efforts, the stream of referrals may still be slow.  Each of us is also asked for referrals, but we don’t always “sell” the referral.

This program I am about to recommend is to be used with your best clients, best friends and your business support group.  Make a list of your top 20 potential referral sources, invite them to coffee or lunch and explain to them what a referral guide is and how to use it. In essence, you are creating an educational guide  about your firm as well as a referral tool.

Steps to building a referral guide:

  • Purchase 20, ½ inch three ring binders. Most binders allow for an insert in the front cover. In addition, purchase 20, ten tab dividers.
  • Create an insert sheet with the words “Referral Guide” prominently displayed and your company  name and  logo in smaller letters at the bottom of the page.
  • Now for the inserts, label each tab per the following points.
    • Introductory letter: address it to the recipient and thank them for their support.
    • Sample newsletter: include copies of your hard copy or e-newsletter. Select those that provide valuable information.
    • Articles/publications:  include several articles that you have written and have published.
    • Articles written about you and your business:  letters from past clients can also be used in this section. If you have a 3 to 5 minute DVD from a TV interview, you might include it.
    • Services:  create a concise list of your services  with no more than a sentence of explanation for each one. ( always talk benefits)
    • Credentials: include personal and company information. a personal and company  brochure or other marketing material is a good insert in this section.
    • Ideal client profile: write a brief description of your ideal client.
    • Letter to potential clients: this is a letter addressed to a referral that can be handed out expressing  that you are looking forward to a meeting and mentioning the respect you have for the referring person.  In many cases, this is a personal letter since you are using individual names.
    • Tabs number 9 and 10: use these to add things that you feel are important to help generate the perfect referral.

The creation of the referral guide will take some thought and effort. It not only becomes a very useful tool, but its development process will also help solidify your own system when asking for referrals.


There  is a great  deal of difference  between knowing and understanding. You can know a lot about something and not really understand it.                                       Charles Kettering

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