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Focus…Focus…Focus. Stop getting ready and start selling!

If you have a product or service that you absolutely believe in and you are sure there is a market for it, then stop getting ready and sell.

Too often I run across small business owners who believe in their product or service but procrastinate in the selling aspects of running a small business. The procrastination takes form in “the getting ready”. First stationary and envelopes, then a brochure, then a web site, then social media presence, i.e. Facebook, twitter, etc. Next comes the blog and then the networking sessions.

Another step is handing out business cards, to hundreds of people in a short period of time. With all this preparation, why aren’t customers beating down the door? Perhaps a U-Tube video is needed, surely that will bring customers. Allow me to share a few statistics: there were 177 million tweets on 3/11/2011; there are 550,000,000,000 websites on the internet; there are 7.3 million pages added every day; need I go on?

With some luck, money and persistence, the internet may yield some customers, so might the handing out of business cards at a rate of 100 a day. Unfortunately, with a failure rate of over 85% for businesses in their first five years, all this preparation may not work.

Referrals are good, but first you have to have people that have bought your products or services so that they can honestly talk about you. I know of no better way than meeting with someone face to face and sharing your story and making a “real connection”.

Consider my logic: if you talk ( share your story)  to one person every day for 50 weeks, then you will have made 250 new, legitimate, contacts. You may have to attempt 3 or 4 contacts before someone will listen to your story and share theirs.  These two hundred and fifty yearly contacts will become the foundation for not only survival but future success. Not all 250 people will buy from you,  but all will remember you and can become part of your working community.

Do you really want to succeed or are your current business marketing efforts only an excuse to say you tried and faile?.

Nick J. Petra       You know what you have to do, now go out and do it!

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