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Everyone has them…..Bad business habits….

Habits are always in a state of flux. We change our bad eating habits in order to stay healthy and perhaps extend our life span. We change our bad spending habits in order to save for important things like retirement, or college education for our children. We change our bad, lack of exercise habits, in order to live longer and to have more energy. In almost every area of our personal life we strive to change bad habits into good ones. Personal bad habits are not easy to change, they require a lot of effort, hard work and persistence.

Now let’s change our focus to our business lives, have you honestly looked at your bad business habits? Bad business habits are only hard to identify if we don’t want to admit that we have them.  The following are a few bad business habits that you may “own”:

  • Arriving late to work or appointments
  • Not returning phone calls, e-mails, etc, in a timely fashion.
  • Handling paperwork multiple times instead of finishing a project
  • Starting a new project because the old one is “boring”.
  • Not maintaining an up to date, book-keeping system ( so many small business owners work out of their checkbooks)
  • Not maintaining  contact with prospects
  • Doing nonproductive busy work

Everyone hates to admit that bad habits exist in their business; instead, they have a litany of excuses. With a little bit of honest effort, each one of us can compile a list of bad business habits; don’t be surprised if you list is much longer than you first thought.

Your challenge is to start your own list of bad business habits. This project may take a week of carrying a notebook and analyzing  your activities and labeling them as good or bad habits.  At the end of the week prioritize your list with the habit that, when changed, will make the biggest positive impact on your business (personal production) at the top of your list.

Become aware of your entire list as you go about your work, but the number one bad habit has to become your focus  for change. Habits don’t change overnight, so allow 30 days to change it. Once that it is achieved and the result becomes evident, then work on the rest, one at a time.

You can turn negative consequences into positive rewards, simply by changing your habits now!

Nick J Petra            Let us help you stay accountable!

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