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Involve your customer

In the business world we make presentations every day; we hope that someone will not only listen to our presentation, but be motivated enough to become a customer. Stories, jokes and product/service information may hold your prospect’s attention but will it make the sale? The typical presentation approach is as follows: here’s who we are, here’s what we do, here’s our product, do you have any questions? (from an article by Jim Endicott)

Successful sales presentations have to involve the potential customer. Involvement means that your potential client is comparing what you are sharing with what they already know, evaluating it, and participating in the dialogue. The first step is to know and understand the needs of your potential client; then, use one of the following involvement methods.

  • Problem solving:  this method requires knowledge of an existing problem that a client has. Asking questions is a good way to identify the issue.  The next step is to work towards solving the problem; listening is the key to this method. Getting the prospect to share their needs will help build a lasting relationship.
  • Anticipating your presentation: The ideal presentation is made to a person who is eagerly awaiting your arrival. Prior to the meeting send information to your prospect, copies of articles you wrote, articles about you in newspapers or trade journals, perhaps a DVD of a television appearance, etc.  This method requires getting your message out that portrays you as a well know expert.
  • Activity: think of a way to ask your prospect to get actively involved in your presentation; this requires some thinking on your part, but it is a very effective presentation.
  • Visual presentation: take a colorful, oversized chart to your presentation. I like this because it is much bigger than a computer power point presentation and a prospect will better focus on your message.

The last part of the involvement process is helping them select you, your product or service. Remember, the human mind develops a sense of value through comparison. It is important to be seen as the top pick; people like to buy the product with the best overall value and not the second-best solution to their problem.

Put this involvement presentation process to work; you will be amazed at the results.

As small and insignificant as one day may seem in your business, it really is the difference between winning and losing.

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