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Small Business Owner… share what you have learned

Small business owners are in a unique position to help others. Networking meetings are usually a place where a person asks for referrals to grow their business; in fact, most of our marketing efforts are geared towards obtaining more business. Recently I attended several meetings of a networking group. Every meeting sounded like a “broken record” as each member shared what they needed  in terms of new business. I believe they should also take a minute and share something that they have learned that will help another business grow. Examples can include:

  • Tax issues
  • Management issues
  • HR issues
  • Legal issues
  • New marketing concepts
  • Staffing suggestions
  • Something that is happening in their field that may affect others

I think that a more successful format and name for business owners that want to help each other grow should be “________ Business Support Group”.  The main objective of this group is to share what is happening in their businesses, how it affects others and what specific problems they are having within each business. This format will allow the participants to better understand the different businesses represented and they can also establish better relationships within the group. Referrals will occur outside the group meeting time.

For those that are interested in building a “Business Support Group”, I have written a short book which is available at the books store ( and outlines the steps to form such a group. Building strong relationships builds trust and forms the foundations for good referrals.

I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some.

Herbert Rappaport

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