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The smallest business billboard…Are you maximizing yours?

Millions of these small billboards are printed every day. Most small business owners feel “undressed” if they don’t have theirs readily available. Hardly a day goes by that I am not handed one of these mini billboards. Of course, I am speaking about your business card. An effective business card is the basis for a good marketing plan.

Pull out one of your business cards and answer the following questions:

  • Does it reflect your personality and that of your business?
  • Does it make a memorable first impression?

These two questions are important, if your card does not convey these two messages it probably will end up in the circular file, or in the bottom of a desk drawer along with all the forgetable cards someone has received.

Alone, a business card cannot tell your entire story, but in my opinion, it represents a client’s first impression  of your  business, as does your personal appearance.  Consider the following suggestions:

  • Start with the style that best supports your business
  • What purpose do you want your card to accomplish?
  • Pictures cards or cards with a character helps a contact remember you next time they see you or your card.
  • If your business is suitable, the back of the card can serve as an appointment reminder, or a discount of future services or????
  • Is it easy to read, or are you trying to write a “book” on the front of the card?
  • Creativity in business cards knows no bounds. You are only restricted by the amount of money you want to spend.


Open your business card file, or pull that forgotten stack out of your desk drawer. Which cards impressed you? How many of those people do you still remember and would recognize if you saw them again? Another suggestion, don’t “shove” your business card in every hand that you meet. Let the other person ask you for your card, they will remember you.

Customers are increasingly choosing vendors on the basis of long-term value, not long term history.

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