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Small Business suggestion…..Start manufacturing

Excerpts from an article in Scientific American, by Donald Q. Lamb: “The U.S. used to be a powerhouse in manufacturing. In the past quarter of a century we have relinquished this leadership position, in large part because we made a decision – consciously of unconsciously- that service and financial sectors are sufficient to sustain our economy. But they are not. Service jobs pay little. The financial industry makes nothing of value and therefore cannot maintain, let alone raise, the nation’s standard of living.  We are ceding leadership in the physical sciences, too. Canceling the Superconducting Super Collider in the 1990’s ended U.S. dominance in particle physics. NASA’s decision to delay, and possibly eventually abandon, the Wide=Field Infrared Survey Telescope could do the same for cosmology.”

Each of us can add to this list some of the things that we have abandoned or cut down on support. For me, space exploration and the many useful items that we now use that came about because of our space program is now gone. Cuts in our defense budget will further decrease our manufacturing.

As a business consultant, the majority of the new businesses I see formed are in the service and financial industry.  I am not impressed with the opening of a new “call center” which will employ several hundred people or statistics on how we are adding jobs, in the government sector, financial sector or other service industries. None of these produce anything of value; where is the money coming from that will allow consumers to invest, not just survive?

It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to import parts for our military weapons or machinery to work our mines.

The survival of our nation is in the hands of small business owners who are willing to bring manufacturing back to our country. If you are looking to start a new business, forget about starting another service related business. What can you make? What is needed in your area that you can make locally? As small business owners we have to support each other and especially support small businesses that are manufacturing value products in the USA.

If you want to keep your country, you have to take ownership of it.

While you can’t do much about your ancestors, you can influence your descendants greatly.

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