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Business Person – You have only one body

As a small business owner you can get new products, services, location, marketing plans, etc. etc. etc… but there is one thing you can’t get new and that is a new body..

No, I don’t tell you how to exercise and how to eat properly, but I see a major difference in clients who eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis and those that “don’t have time”.

My expertise is in business and marketing support as well as coaching a small business. Once we have determined where a   small business wants to go, we create a path, then accountability becomes our focus.

Taking care of your most priceless possession is your job. Don’t spend your health to get wealth because you will end up spending your wealth trying to regain your health.

Time management is an important step on the ladder to success. Make sure that daily exercise is included in your daily schedule.

A few thoughts on the 2nd part of a healthy body and that is your diet.  Just as with exercise, plan your “work meals” and your “at home meals”. Eat what is good for you; do some research. If possible, involve your entire family in the diet and exercise part of your life.

My own observations have taught me that business owners who make health a priority have a better attitude, better self-image, better people skills, more patience and ultimately a more successful business.

How do you measure up?

The greatest gap in life is the one between knowing and doing.                                       Dick Biggs

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