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The Discipline of Leadership – A small business requirement

Discipline: a system of rules governing conduct.

 Leadership: the process whereby an individual influences the behavior of people in a way that makes them more likely to achieve organizational goals.

“One of the most critical managerial functions in entrepreneurial organization is leadership. Effective leadership is a prerequisite not only to successfully making the transition from one stage    of a firm’s development to another, but for that matter to operating effectively at any stage.”

In a one person business leadership is still a requirement even though the only person you have to lead is yourself. Good business (leadership) habits have to be established and nurtured from the beginning of a new business life.

Let’s break down leadership responsibilities in into several components (responsibilities):

  • The first step is to have developed a Strategic Focus Pan which formulates the vision for the business. This means that the vision looks ahead and sees what the business will look like in the future. Strategic Leadership requires a process that implements the suggestions of the Strategic Focus Plan and uses the plan as a daily guide.
  • With a strong foundation (the plan and vision) the leader must next organize the available resources   and implement each step of the plan. This requires prioritization of resources and time in order to maximize their potential.  Accountability and follow-through are the key ingredients in this step.
  • This component addresses the “corporate culture”, the management of the business, so that the owner and all staff are always focused on the end goals. Because change is the only constant in a business’s life, the management of the entity has to be  such that its effectiveness can remain constant even in times of change.

As businesses go from one growth stage to another, the founder (leader) has to define the strengths that brought the business to its current position and then evaluate his ability and responsibilities in this next stage.  Personal control may have to be relinquished and new people may take over the management responsibility as the founder specializes in expanding his strengths.

The step from an entrepreneurship to new management in a growing business may be a difficult transition. The evaluation process will require openness on the part of the founder and a willingness to accept new leadership. This growth transition is critical to a firm’s survival and I recommend the use of a business coach to aid in this process.

Where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present.

Nick J Petra    Make it a Successful today!



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