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But it’s not in the budget…(we really don’t have a budget, but we can’t afford anything else).

There are several things in running a small business that, in my opinion, will increase the chance for success to 90%;

  • A willingness to set daily goals. You never start your day without a plan and achievable goals.
  • A willingness to work efficiently: that means you work the time necessary to complete your daily goals.
  • A willingness to work extra hours if necessary: sometimes “things happen” and your daily routine is disturbed. That may mean that you didn’t accomplish your daily goals in your normal allocated time and extra time is required.
  • You hold yourself accountable for achieving the daily goals.

The best way to establish long term goals that can be broken down into daily goals is to have a partner in your business – – not an ownership partner, but a partner that you hire and who has your best interest at heart. It is someone who you can bounce ideas off and who will be honest in their evaluation of those ideas.  It is someone who will cheer you on when you feel down; someone who will keep you on the path to personal and financial success.

Many small business owners use the budget excuse for not hiring a consultant/coach/partner. I can honestly share that almost all small business owners, after no more than two meetings with their new partner, say “I wish I had started working with you long time ago”.

Your personal and financial success is my goal. I only ask that you give the process time to develop and that you honor your commitment listed in the four items above.

Spend an hour with me, at no charge, and let me demonstrate my capabilities.

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

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