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Small businesses must reach out…

Today another example of business isolation reared its ugly head.

As I had my first encounter with a new prospect, I asked, “What are your biggest issues that are hindering business growth”?

Let me set the stage for my question. This business was located on the second floor of a three story office building housing approximately 30 other businesses. The office was located in a mixed industrial/office park. The business is only 9 month old and the founder is the sole person working there. It is a service business franchised with a recognized name.

Now the answers I received to my question:

  • Bad location, I should have street exposure so people could walk in.
  • There is too much competition in the area.
  • Can’t afford to hire someone to stay in the office so I can get out.

After listening to an explanation as to why these three facts were going to cause him to fail, I asked him to write down the names of all the businesses in his building and the name of at least one person working in each office.

You guessed, it, he had the first name of one person on his floor and told me he didn’t feel comfortable walking into other offices. Wow, a people, service oriented business and not willing to meet neighbors.

I spent  almost an hour listening to both the dreams and the problems that this new business has brought forth. No, I did not sign up a new client, even though that is why I was called ( a referral); my parting words were “ I will come back and visit with you when you have completed the following two tasks:

  • You have visited every office in your building and obtained the name of the owner or manager
  • You have had a visit in your office, coffee, etc., with at least 10 of the 30 people you have met.

Will I get a call back? If these tasks are accomplished then there is hope and a possible client that is willing to listen; if not, I didn’t waste his time or mine.

Sometimes the answers to our problems are in front of us but we can’t see them because of the blinders we are wearing. What can’t you see because of your blinders?

Solutions don’t have to be long and complicated; often success is there in front of you if you open your eyes and heart and recognize the opportunities.                                                       Nick J. Petra

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