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Branding the small business … continued

If you are building a brand, there are a set of tools that you can use to strengthen and project the brand. “Strong brands typically exhibit an owned word, a slogan, a color, a symbol, and a set of stories”

Slogan: a slogan or tag line added to the company name or brand and used in all its marketing efforts is a very powerful “message sender”. Selecting the right slogan requires a lot of thought and patience but once selected, it can help grow the positive image in the minds of customers. A good example is Budweiser: “The king of Beers”

Color: a consistent set of colors is a big help in brand recognition. Caterpillar, for example, paints all of its construction equipment yellow.

Symbols and Logos:  there are several options in this area: Travelers insurance uses a red umbrella; other memorable symbols include the Jolly Green Giant and Charley the Tuna. In my case, I selected a duck caricature.

A set of stories: this may be a little more difficult to implement, but well worth the effort.  One of the stories I remember best is the awesome customer service that Nordstrom is noted for. Stories about the company founders or positive customer experiences can be used.

Once the brand and all its embellishments are decided upon, the hard work begins. It has to be used in all marketing material and the message that the brand conveys must be the same as the company’s actual performance.

Like most worthwhile parts of the Business Growing Process, brand building will take both time and thought.


Carve your name on hearts and not on marble.                                                Charles Spurgeon

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