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The social media button…a must for small businesses

Last week we looked at how to brand your business; the many different options should help you create a brand that now can be marketed.  Today we will focus on a magic window that can project your brand and story to everyone in the world.

Keeping track of a small business, the production part, is such a major undertaking that names such as Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, e-newletters, and blogging seem like a playground for young people of the high tech generation. Few people thought that it would ever become a viable business tool. For those that have ventured into this new dimension, social media has proven to be a very valuable asset.

A survey by HubSpot (; a valuable place to learn about marketing with social media. Once you are registered with them they send out free “how do” guides”) shows that companies that utilize social media as part of their marketing strategy have seen success from their efforts. Of companies using Linkedin, 57% have reported customer acquisitions directly from that channel. Businesses  that are using blogs and the rest of the major social media network  have reported similar successes.

The brand awareness that these participating companies have developed using social media is priceless considering that the cost is, in most cases, nothing.

Another way that social media has become a useful tool is to research people and to communicate with prospects. According to recent figures released   from the Pew Research Center,   65% of adult internet users participate in social media networking. The social media utilization of Americans over 65 grew 150%, and that same statistics doubled among those 50-64.

The social media bandwagon is moving fast, but you still have time to join. No, social media is not the only marketing required for a successful marketing program, but it certainly is become an important tool in the marketing basket.

Like any other successful marketing program, there is a learning curve that is required. Fortunately, it does not take a lot of time and there are a lot of resources available on the internet. Resources consist of time and money.   The main resource for this marketing endeavor is your time. When you are not in front of a prospect or client, you should be marketing. Allocate at least 1 hour per day for the next 45 days to learning about and creating a presence in social media. Don’t expect instantaneous results, but those  45 days will get you in the habit to continue working in this  marketing arena and success will be measurable within your first year.

Part of this article is taken from an article by Amy McIlwain.

Time may be your most precious commodity, learn to allocate wisely.

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