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The small business has to make powerful presentations

While working with several new clients (item creators) whose main thrust was to maintain the creative posture of their business and have others sell their products, I found the root of their problem, a bad presentation. In developing this blog I researched firms that were service providers and found that they also had a need for a presentation process. While there is not “one way” to put together an effective presentation, there has to be a worthwhile presentation to obtain the new business.

The following is one way of developing an effective business presentation.

  • Know your audience:  cold calls may be effective if you have the time and are playing the numbers game; by making enough calls you hope that someone will be “weak enough” to buy your product or service.
    • Before you make your “presentation” call, find out all you can about the company and the person to whom you will be speaking. Make sure that you are making the presentation to the decision maker.
    • Involve your audience:  People like to tell their story; you know about their company and about the person you are making a presentation to; ask them to share their story. Your main job now is to LISTEN. ( If you have to ask questions, remember FORD , Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams)
    • Time now to share your story: It’s not all about your products or services; it’s your story, who you are, your values and how you got to where you are.
    • Showing benefits: while the end result, you hope, will be the sale of your products or services, first be prepared to talk only about the benefits that your product or service will provide to the business and the individual making the decision.
      • Whenever possible the use of pictures,i-pad, graphs, etc., again, showing the benefits, can be very powerful in arriving at a successful conclusion.
      • The most important resources a company possesses are time and dollars. Along with these two resources, your listening ability will help you determine other “hot buttons” that may have to be added to the benefit list as you are making your presentation. I find that quality, customer care, and convenience are other items of interest to most firms.

This may sound like a lot of work, but your closing ratio will increase as will the relationship that you formed with a new client. This extra work will also help with client retention.

I may spend many hours with a client building the foundation for an effective presentation. With this foundation in place, it does not take a long time to add the personal information referred to above and to direct the benefit list specifically to your audience.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.         Benjamin Franklin

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Nick J Petra     Certified Financial Planner, specializing in business planning and coaching.


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