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Understanding the use of a brochure in small business marketing

No, brochures are not dead. The internet, I-pad and smart phones have not negated the proper use of a brochure.  While a brochure is looked on primarily as an information tool ( if it doesn’t do at least that, your prospect won’t even look at it) it is also a marketing tool. It can be the direct response vehicle that will change the receiver into a ready to buy mode. Prospects don’t always buy on first contact and a brochure is left behind with the hopes of stimulating a call for more information.

The following are recommendations for creating a worthwhile brochure.

  • A brochure is designed to give prospects the information they need to make an intelligent purchasing decision. Look at your target market list, pick the top two targets and then look at your current brochure. Does it address the issues/needs that answer their questions?
  • The next step is to look at your current brochure and identify the call to action. In my experience, if you don’t encourage people to act, they won’t. A call to action has to be easily understood and should include specific instructions.  Make a list of possible action items that a prospect might take after looking at your brochure. Next, pick one or two and give your prospect the tools to take action. Tools may include your phone number, web site address, a response card, etc. Whatever you use, make it easy to find, put it nest to the request for action.
  • Content is important in a brochure, but so is the “eye appeal”. I am referring to the color, the overall design and even the size and shape. If you are not present and the brochure represents your only possible contact with a prospect, is your brochure enticing enough to be picked up? Unless it’s looked at, your content and call to action will never be seen.

A properly designed and written brochure is a very powerful marketing tool. Take the time and invest the money to make your brochure a “WOW”.

An idea is only as good as its execution.

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