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Small Business “re-launch”

Remember how excited you were when you first started your business? You couldn’t wait to tell the world (especially friends and relatives) about your new venture. Perhaps you had a grand opening party at your home business office or at a leased office site.  Those were the days, full of excitement, enthusiasm and hope.

Perhaps the reality of hard work, business struggles, constant changes, new competition, staff issues, the economy, etc. all have taken a toll on your enthusiasm.  Is your business life in the “doldrums”? Does it need a re-charge?

May I suggest that you do a “Business Re-Launch”, the benefits are many:

  • It will show your friends, relatives and clients that you are still enthusiastic about your business
  • It’s an opportunity to educate them about what is happening in your business.  This may be a package which is given to each guest when they are ready to leave which includes a small gift.
  • It will help you as a business owner to think about the benefits your company provides.
  • It will re-charge you .

Let’s look at the components for a successful business re-launch:

  • Set a budget! This is a marketing effort which may be one of the best and most important marketing functions your firm has ever put together.
  • Start  lists in the following categories:
    • Current clients
    • Friends
    • Prospects
    • Family
    • Service providers
    • Now take each list and prioritize the names by which had or has the potential to be the most beneficial for your company.
    • Prepare   for the actual re-launch :
      • Select a place and time to hold the event (your home, your office, another location)
      • Determine what will be served in the way of food, beverages, etc.
      • Select a theme
      • Design a small, to the point, information package on newest happenings in your firm.
      • Decide on a small gift or favor to include in the package. I have seen everything including small plants, candy,  Starbucks gift cards, grocery bags, rubber ducks, or go to ( that’s who I use) and get a  catalogue.
      • Depending upon space and budget, select the top names from your different categories            and send them a “save the date teaser card” at least 4 to six weeks  before the re-launch.
      • Every week until the launch, send another, well designed, unique teaser card with more information about the  event.

I have seen very successful re-launch events with total budgets from as low as $200 to several thousand dollars. The exciting thing is that there always have been   benefits for the business owners. There are many variations to this process. Take the time to do it right. Yes, we can helpJ.

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.

Reggie Leach

Nick J. Petra CFP   When you want the best possible support visit our web site at www.strategicduck .com and call Nick for a confidential meeting.

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