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Increase your Business by becoming a Trusted Advisor

What is a Trusted Advisor? How would you describe such a person?

If you are knowledgeable in your chosen profession your clients/customers “may” call you when they have a need. In previous writings, I have mentioned the need for differentiation; you have to stand head and shoulders above others offering similar services. Remember, there  are many similar business that are spending a portion of their marketing dollars on getting your clients to leave you. The rest of their marketing dollars are spent in an effort to attract prospects to purchase their products/ services. It’s very possible that the prospects they are after may have seen or heard about you, but have not been given a reason to remember you.

In the greater scheme of things, your product or service represents a minute portion of a person’s needs.  In today’s multi-media world people are exposed to thousands of products and services, each one saying “buy me”. Think for a minute about products that you purchase. Have you ever tried a different toothpaste, or soap or shoes or looked for different providers for services you are now using?

Now let’s go back and look at my definition of someone you trust.

  • They are multi-dimensional: you may call this person for a variety of reasons, perhaps to ask for the name of someone who can provide a service. You may call this person to have company for lunch or to go to a football game, or????
  • In other words, they have entered your “mind space” in a variety of different places. You don’t call this person only when you need to purchase a product or service.

To achieve the position of a “trusted friend advisor” you have to give people a reason that will allow you in, and keep you in their “mind space”.

When dealing with prospects and clients, you have to do more than make a presentation of your product/service. You must ask the right questions and listen to their answers. Right questions cover more than how your product or services can help them such as family, occupation, dreams and recreation. This information will give you the tools you need to enter their “mind space” through a different door. Don’t forget, part of the “meeting process” is sharing your story.

Sincerity is important; people can always tell if you care about them. Give them a reason to call you for something other than buying from you; likewise, you can call them and ask for something that you may need.

This system is great for establishing new friendships, retaining your existing clients and getting referrals.

Carve your name on hearts and not on marble.                                                  Charles Spurgeon

Nick J. Petra        let Strategic Duck into your “mind space”  and discover the benefit of having a trusted friend advisor

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