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Turning lemons into lemonade….

As small business owners we sometimes look forward to an event with great anticipation. The pre-marketing promises valuable information that will help transform your business.  Such was the case for an event I attended this afternoon and evening.

The event sponsors ( a State University) held a first time “tech” event for small businesses. The original estimate was for 150 people to attend. By the start of the session this afternoon the number had grown to over 500 people. The facility was set up to host the 150 people originally anticipated. Even so, it was badly set up for the break-out sessions as they were held in the same room, at the same time.

To make a long story short, it was overcrowded, it was virtually impossible to hear anything at the break-out sessions. By two hours into the seven hour program, half the people left. After another hour, half of the remaining group left. Comments were very negative about the facility, the planning and the overall lack of organization.

At first I was also very disappointed; but since I set the time aside for this session, I wondered what good I could gain from it. The following were my “aha’s”:

  • There are a lot of people in search of business education from a technical point of view as well as business organization and funding.
  • As the crowd thinned out, I got to spend 45 minutes in a one-on one session with a presenter. In fact, I had two working with me. They looked at my web site and my blog and made several very valuable suggestions.
  • I spoke with another presenter about setting up a mobile app, and again I received valuable assistance and a promise to help me over the phone if I had any questions.
  • Another presenter I spoke to encouraged me to learn how to do simple “tech” marketing myself and to look at my marketing efforts from my prospects’ point of view.
  • Yes, I also met several attendee and exchanged business cards and a promise to stay in touch and learn about each other’s business.

I came back motivated about the web and its marketing potential. I know what to ask for when I hire someone to help, but even more important, I learned that I am capable of doing some of my own “high tech marketing”.

Everything we do can teach us something if we open our heart and minds to the positive.

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