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Managing the Process of Change

Change is the only constant in today’s business life. The management of change is a difficult process if you are a one person operation or have many employees. You have just updated your Strategic Focus Plan and determined that operational changes are necessary.  Whenever you move to a new “system”, uncertainties remain; there is always a risk in doing things a different way.

When instituting a new direction, perhaps a new system is being put in place, the three key phrases are:

  • Have a clear plan
  • Establish a time frame for the transition
  • Have a series of achievable targets

If the firm has employees, even only one, it is important to have clear, regular communications. The goals and reasons for the change should be understood by all. A vision of how the company will function and how it will look when the new management process is in place is a good meeting topic.

Just as an owner will work through the new system and understand its purpose and benefits, this same message has to be conveyed to and understood by staff. Office meetings are many times called without a good reason and staff may find them ineffective. However, a major management system change requires a meeting and the purpose of the change and the benefits should be in writing and discusses.

Owners, as well as staff, are comfortable with doing things “the same way” and may be afraid to let go even when the company is in need of change.  (Lack of revenue or stagnant revenue, are strong mandates for change)

Just as ownership has to communicate with staff and ask for participation and support for the upcoming change, the business owner has to have constant contact with his coach to “think” out the process.

The final step in the transition process is a celebration.  Success has been achieved and a celebration will help both the owner and staff to better embrace the new system.

The number one managerial productivity problem in America is, quite simply, managers who are out of touch with their people and out of touch with their customers.

Tom Peters and Nancy Austin

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