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Infiltration Marketing

Infiltration marketing is communicating with customers in their world, on their terms.  In my opinion, this should be the bases for all marketing efforts. When doing any type of marketing always make sure that you are “communicating with prospects in their world, on their terms.” This means that you have to both communicate with your prospects where they look for information  and communicate with them in their preferred format.

I will be highlighting  information in this blog from a book “ Infiltration Marketing by Don Debelak.” this is another book that I recommend should be in your business success library. The system described is one that can be implemented on a low budget and can yield awesome results. The following are ways of “infiltrating”:

  1. Being nonintrusive is the best way to enter the life of a prospect. Ways of doing this include joining associations, teaching a class, conducting research, etc.  In each of these instances you are not selling a product, but it gives one an opportunity to meet prospects and to understand your and your prospects’ common goals.
  2. Be everywhere you can. Prospects absorb very little on each contact, even if it is nonintrusive. So  the trick is not to spend money on expensive ad campaigns but to do strategic alliances and partnerships with other companies, associations, and customer groups to make your visibility as high as possible.
  3. Be Real.  Don’t think for a minute that the customer will fall for any manipulative tactics. You have to not only look the part; you have to believe the part. The customer today lives in a media-saturated world and won’t be fooled for long.
  4. Show respect. Remember that the customer always knows what he or she wants; don’t think and act as if you know more than your prospect.
  5. People want to be educated to make their own choices. They will look   for information from their peers about your firm. For example, Amazon doesn’t focus on convincing people to buy from them. It focuses on giving people the facts they want to know when looking for a book.

The lesson is that if you sell less aggressively, you are going to sell more product in the long run to customers who really appreciate your efforts.

Try not to become men of success. Rather become men of value.                       Albert Einstein

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