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Without Belief a Coach can’t work…

Coaching isn’t just about getting paid, it’s about believing that the person you are coaching has a potential to achieve the goals. As a coach, my job is to help determine and understand the goal that is to be achieved and then, through improved behavior and performance, help my client reach that goal.

Getting involved in a coaching relationship requires an understanding of the client beginning with their values, their strengths and weaknesses and their long term goals. I usually begin a coaching relationship with the creation of a Value Based Strategic Focus Plan. This part is critical to the long term relationship even if there is an existing business plan. As I have discovered with many clients, the process of developing a Value Based Strategic Focus Plan is also a process of discovery, both for me as the coach and for my client.

The process gives you an “internal look” at a client and also allows you to judge the future possibility of success, both for the goals of the business and the “character” of the owners. During this discovery phase, it should be understood that either party may terminate the relationship or embrace the benefits that each person brings towards achieving success.

For coaching to work properly, it has to be a relationship that grows until the goals are met. It has to have the staying power when, once a commitment is made by  both the business owner and the coach, the process will continue. Like any other relationship, a coaching relationship has to be strong to endure the conflicts which certainly will occur. An open mind and an open discussion are necessary. As a coach, I cannot agree for the sake of pleasing my client if I don’t believe that what is happening is in his best long term interest.

We begin our education in life first with the teaching of our parents, followed by 12 to 16 or more years of sitting in a class room to “get educated” for success. Unfortunately,  the class room seldom prepares one for the real world and thus, the next real step for success is walking the walk with a coach.

My value based coaching is an important aspect of living my faith life.           Nick J. Petra CFP

I believe in my clients and they in turn believe in our ability to work together to achieve the desired results. I can be reached at 602-989-1592 or by e-mail  Let’s visit….

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