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Ask, you may receive….

Asking for help is almost a distasteful mouthful for most small business owners. With the “I can do this alone” mentality a great marketing resource is often overlooked.

The following is a system that I challenge you to try. It won’t take much time to implement and the follow up likewise, does not require a major time commitment.

The  steps are as follows:

  1. Make a list of the 25 people you know best. The criteria to make this top 25 list is their knowledge of who you are and that they know and respect your value system.
  2. Now is time to write an “honest” letter.
    1. The letter should spell out why you need their help at this time
    2. Instructions on how they can help you

i.      Who to ask

ii.      How to ask two people, in person to buy/use your product/service

iii.      How to explain the advantages (benefits) you offer

iv.      How to follow up

  1. A short paragraph summarizing your service/product and its benefits
  2. Create and enclose a “dynamite” flyer/brochure and include two in the mailing along with two business cards.
  3. Call the recipient three days after the mailing and ask if they received it and if they had any questions. Ask permission to follow up in a week to get the results of their efforts.

There are many deviations to this system. One that has worked is to invite the entire group to a continental breakfast for a debriefing and “meet a new friend session”. The purpose of the debriefing session may be  to tabulate the results and use them in a magazine article. ( a variety of methods are available to encourage your contact list to participate).

When it’s all said and done, my experience shows that somewhere between 12 to 16 of your 25 contacts will work at getting you new clients. This system can provide a quick shot in the financial arm of your business as well as getting your story out in the most powerful method available, word of mouth.

The development and implementation process usually takes about three days.  Once the system is in place we can adopt it for a  wide variety of marketing strategies.

Systems only work if you do. Call me to help you developed a unique marketing system for your business.    Nick J. Petra, CFP       602-989-1592

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