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When health becomes an issue for the business owner…

Until this last week, I never stopped to analyze my clients from a “non-work activity” point of view. Recently I had the opportunity to spend approximately 5 hours in a semi-private setting with a man who had accomplished great things in his business career. At his current age, he should be reaching the pinnacle of his business with a bright future ahead. Unfortunately that is not the case. Like many other business owners he has concentrated on building his business and not taking care of his health. I sensed during our time together that his business enthusiasm was slowing down. Yes, he is on the “heavy side” and although he was very active in sports in college he stopped his “exercising” as it got in the way of business.

I am, by no means, a specialist in healthy living, exercise and diet, but I have noticed that many small business owners who have allowed time in their daily activity for exercise are doing better in business.

I have compiled the following suggestions from my visits with successful business owners and also from articles on the subject of health and business. It’s not only an effective marketing and management process, but the physical health of the business leader that combine to make a company successful.

  • Start each day with a “no rush” healthy breakfast.
  • Manage your time so that you are not worried about getting to work or to any appointments on time.
  • Take a 15 minute walk after each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner).  This will help your digestive system and prevent your meal from becoming “fat weight”
  • Take a leisurely lunch break. Sitting on a park bench is better than eating at your desk. Make your lunch healthy even if you have to pack a “brown bag lunch”
  • Allocate a minimum of 30 minutes a day at a gym, or take a brisk walk outdoors or on a tread mill, or do other physical exercise of your choice.
  • Eat a healthy, leisurely dinner. Notice the words healthy and  leisurely in front of all your meals
  • Spend quality time before work and after work with your family. Listen to them first and then share your upcoming day.
  • Sleep a minimum of 7 hours each night.

The most common excuse for not following this or a similar program is, “I don’t have time”. A simple program such as this will help you accomplish more in less time and will improve your enthusiasm level  and your chances of having a growing, healthy and successful business.

God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible – what a pity that we plan only the things we can do by ourselves.                                                                   A.W. Tozer

Nick J. Petra CFP               Advice is only useful if it makes sense and is followed.

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