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Help for small business owners or product/service sales people….

For so many people these are very challenging times.  There is uncertainty in almost every kind of business. My intent, with my daily blogs, is to offer ways of overcoming those issues that plague most business owners and those that sell a product or service.

Most of my blogs are written about issues that my own clients have, and perhaps I should have a broader reach.

If you are reading this blog, please click on the following e-mail link:  and send me an answer to the following question:

The most pressing need in my business is………………………………….

I will compile the answers and will work on addressing the most pressing issues you present.

Please take the time  NOW to answer this questions.

There is always a way through things if you work hard enough and look close. It all depends on your level of determination.                                                                                              Liz Murray

Nick J. Petra CFP    At Strategic Duck we extend a helping hand; it’s up to you to reach out and grab it.

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