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Small Business work flow

Let me start with several statements:

  • Businesses are built on replicable processes.
  • A process is a pattern or methodology that is distinguishable, repeatable and transferable.

Many self-employed (including business owners and commission sales people) people find themselves working evenings and weekends, and they still complain about a lack of time.

No matter what your business, product/service, there are processes that can be developed in several areas which will allow you to get work done more quickly and efficiently. The following is a partial list of business occurrences that should be placed into a “process”.

  • When you get a new client
  • When you order more product
  • Marketing
    • Blogs
    • E-newsletters
    • Snail mail newsletters
    • Thank you notes
    • Birthday & anniversary cards
    • Social media
    • What else???
    • Ongoing client communications
    • Add to this list by analyzing what you do that is repeated in any given period of time.

To create a process:

  • Identify the steps necessary to complete each of the above referenced items
  • Determine the amount of time required to complete each step
  • Write down the steps for each process

This is only a brief part of establishing a work flow process. It will take some time put it all together, but once complete, it will become a major time saver. Don’t procrastinate, do it now.

Every time a person puts and idea across he finds ten people who thought about it before he did – but they only thought about it.                                                              Alfred Montapert

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