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What does today’s Supreme Court ruling mean……

Interesting questions and a lot of concerns today about the “Obama Care” decision. I am very surprised at the concerns so many small business owners expressed.

First of all, it’s business as usual. Don’t take your eyes off your goals. There are a lot of unknowns within this law and I don’t think that anyone can predict with any degree of certainty how this law will affect you as a small business person. For years I have been talking about the only constant in our business life, change. If this law is upheld, through the coming election and it reaches its implementation date in 2014, you will make the necessary adjustment to continue on your road to business success.

For the present time, don’t “cry wolf” until you know the wolf is coming. Don’t   concern yourself with things that will not affect your bottom line in the next few years. Yes, stay informed, listen and watch. Vote this coming November! Get involved in the election process. Don’t be negative, be positive about what small businesses can accomplish if they work together.

Talk of despair and fear will only spread; as a Nation we must not allow these two factors to become the “new normal”.

Small business is the backbone of America! Each of us has a responsibility to support the constitution our founding Fathers left us. Do your part but never give up on growing your business at the same time.

There’s always a way through things if you work hard enough and look close. It all depends on your level of determination.                                                                             Liz Murray

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