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Protect our original Constitution….Don’t allow it to be changed…

It’s not an outdated document as some would want you to believe. Our founding fathers may have been divinely inspired to draft a document that will always be pertinent. There are many today, in our government and in our legal system that would like to change it in order to enhance their own agenda.

Small business owners and those of us that sell products and services are in a majority. We have contacts with our clients and friends that stretch across our Nation. Our strength in numbers is only a force if we spread the word to everyone we know, explaining the dangers we face and how, by voting our conviction, we can retake our Country.

We cannot become a Nation that relies upon the government to “take care of us”. The fact is, it can’t. Many people are dependent upon the government to feed and to take care of them. The pioneer spirit that made our Nation strong is rapidly disappearing. The massive debt that we have and continue to incur is dragging our Nation from a position of strength to one of weakness; from one of courage to one of despair.

The 4th of July, our Independence Day, is a good day to thank God for our many freedoms. Our forefathers fought for them and we must also fight a different kind of war to preserve those same freedoms. Spread the word, the November ballot box is your “fox hole”. Let’s win the battle and the war.

Two documents were written to guide our lives; the most important one is the Bible, the second is our Constitution.

Nick J. Petra CFP  With my best wishes for a meaningful, save and enjoyable 4th of July.

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