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Economic and political influences on small businesses

Let’s look at a typical day; you get up in the morning, read the newspaper or turn on a national news program while getting ready for work.  Your next incoming message comes from your car radio, the local news talk show, as you drive to work.

You arrive at work with a mind that has been filled with depressing local, national and world news and all the political rhetoric, mostly half-truths that are further filling your mind with “downers”. Fear and uncertainty are shoveled into your mind and, whether you know it or not, it carries on to your business life.

Is this the best way to start your business day? Take the next three days and make a list of all the things that you learned about from the daily “trash” that that will have an impact on your business in the next six months. I enjoy playing the “uncertainty game” with my clients when they start telling me about all the problems they will be facing in the future, according to the media. I have them share what effect these problems will have on their day; the results, in most cases, is zero.

I remember when, not too long ago, we were all listening to positive tapes on our way to work. I still have my original tapes by people like Wayne Dyer, Denis Waitley, Earl Nightingale and a few others.

Each of us makes a conscientious   choice as to what we “pour” into our minds. Mornings are not the only time we listen to or watch “junk”. We have to get the latest news before we go to sleep. If watching TV is your evening relaxation, consider alternating that time with an online course to either improve your business or personal life.

To change your business direction you have to change what you input into your mind. Listen to a few of the tapes (now available in CDs) that I mentioned or turn on a spiritual station for your drive to work. We have the internet that allows us virtually unlimited search capabilities, thus we can search for and learn about things that will positively influence our personal and business life.

Change the topic when you gather with friends or business acquaintances that insist on regurgitating all the daily bad economic and political trash. Share with them the influence it has on their personal and business life and ask them to take the 3-day test.

Like any other habit that needs changing it will be hard to select only positive things to watch and listen to. The payoff is the positive changes you will notice in your business and personal life.

The common denominator of success lies in forming  the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.                                                                                                           Albert Gray

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