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Bring the word Service back into the business world

Two happenings today have promoted me to write this blog: the first, I had some work done on my home; the work was completed but what a mess was left behind. My wife called the owner of the company leaving a message saying she had a question, guess what, no return call! This afternoon I had to pick up some papers at an office. There was a line in front of me consisting of 5 people and one person was manning a window. After 10 minutes with no movement, the person in front of me said “look at those other people in the office visiting, yet not one is coming forward to help”. The next statement really got to me, “I guess that’s all we can expect in today’s  society.”

Has complacency become our way of life? Have we come to accept mediocre work from our service providers? I will extend this further to include the mediocre performance put forth by our elected officials.

Let me talk about Great Service. Great Service is rare but it is not impossible to achieve.  There are a few American Companies in every type of business that are delivering this “Great Service”. The good news is, they are profitable businesses. Likewise, there are a few elected officials that care enough to deliver the “Great Service” that they promised.

Service alone or even good service does not “cut the mustard”, it has to be Great Service.

A business owner who provides this “Great Service” has qualities that include: persistence, vision, high expectations, expertise, empathy, and integrity. They focus on the details of service. They see opportunities in small actions that competitors might consider trivial.  They believe that how they handle the little things sets the tone for how they should handle everything else.

Each of us has a part to play in this challenge of bringing our businesses and our country back to caring about encompassing   all the qualities that create Great Service.

Tell those businesses that are providing less than great service what your expectations are and how they can improve. If they follow your suggestions, they have gained a new customer: if not, they lost one. Stick by “your guns” and don’t accept less than great service.

In the political arena, write your elected officials and tell them what you expect in the way of leadership qualities. If they listen they gained a supporter, if not, they lost one.

Going on with your life but continuing to  “grumble” about bad service and  bad elected officials  will eventually create an even worse scenario.  Make a positive change in your personal and business life and always provide “Great Service” in all that you do. Talk this concept up to your family and friends. We need to change our direction for the good of our country.

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.                                     Booker T. Washington

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