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Negative comments about competitors….

I received an earful today when meeting with a prospective client. The full one and a half hours we spent together consisted of my listening to how bad and unethical the competition is. The contents of this meeting was exactly the same type of comments that we all have been listening to for the past week. Our current President and his followers are making a campaign based on the unethical activites of his opponent. The rest of his campaign is based on how bad a job his opponent has done in his work life. Unfortunately the other party is also finding fault with everything the President has done that has negatively affected our country.

Both candidates are spewing out “motherhood and apple pie”, that is, telling us generalities that are supposed to make us feel good. To date, neither has outlined a plan to get us out of this very serious condition in which our country finds itself. Perhaps if each of us demands detailed solutions and we e-mail all our elected officials and those that who running for office and ask for straight answers with viable solutions the American people can see the difference and can make the right decision.

I believe that we need a change in Washington; unfortunately, many Americans are swayed by negative publicity and vote based on the information fed to them by the media.

The small business level is where a positive change has to occur with hopes that it will eventually spread to our politicians. Consumers who purchase your goods and services are directly impacted by the perceived value that they hope to receive.  Unlike the political rhetoric which most people don’t understand, the products and services a small business provides have a direct impact on their daily lives.

My purpose today is to have you sell your benefits and what differentiates you from your competitors. Never say anything negative about your competition, but know enough about their products and services to allow you to sell the products and services that they don’t provide and which better meet the exact needs of your customers.

Don’t bother just to be better than your competition; try to exceed your own definition of being the best.


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