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You can be what you want to be…..

This is one of my favorite short stories. It has to do with a person that felt that “something” (could be a career, selling a product, or????) was out of their league. The story was always the same, “I am not good at that sort of thing”.

The wise business coach took his client to the local hospital and then proceeded to the nursery. There were about 20 newborn babies in their bassinets. The business coach had his client look at each of the bassinets and asked what was written on the bassinet. His client looked and stated “only the last name of the baby plus a few statistics”

Exactly said the coach, there is no sign on the bassinet that indicated that this baby will be a doctor, or plumber, or sales person or……). Each of us has a clean slate; what we write on it is what we become.

I shared this story last week with a client and the “comeback” answer was “I’m in the middle age bracket; it’s too late for me to change.”

It’s never too late to learn if you want to change your life; I shared a true story about several of my friends:

  • Several years ago I attended a graduation where my friend received her master’s degree in human resources. May not sound like a big deal, but she had just turned 74 years old.
  • I have another friend who is still working, almost full time. He starts his morning answering e-mails, writing talks and searching the internet   for news and material for his business. Again, nothing unusual, but there is: my friend will be 96 years old this coming September.

In today’s troubled economic climate thousands of people have lost their jobs and they have had to make complete career changes, everything from commission sales work to starting their own businesses.

Yes, there are many unemployed people, many who do not have the GUTS (God’s Undeniable Terrific Secret) to step out of their box and take a chance.

As a business consultant and  coach I work with many people who have taken the necessary steps to change their lives and earn, in many cases, a better income than the one they had before.

Any excuse is a bad excuse… don’t tell me why you can’t do something… tell me how you can make it work.

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