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What if the unexpected happens? (Colorado)

This past week we have been bombarded with news about the senseless crime in Colorado. It brought to mind how vulnerable each of is in every aspect of our lives. Our country and our world have become ones of extreme violence where human lives don’t appear to be sacred. To me, it appears that we put on a “show” for the entire nation and world to see how concerned we are for the families of those that were hurt or killed. Every day the unexpected happens, hundreds of times in our nation and perhaps thousands of time in the world, with the killing of innocent men women and children. Why are we not mourning those losses? I received an e-mail last week with an answer to this question: “we took GOD out of our lives, our schools, our nation and the world at large”.

On the business side, one also has to be prepared for the unexpected. What if’s.

  • Your business was destroyed in a fire?
  • Your computer crashed?
  • Your key employee leaves without notice?
  • You get sick and can’t work for a week or longer?
  • Your biggest client decides to leave without notice?
  • An employee sabotages your business?
  • You are robbed of all your important records and computers?

I can add a lot  more “what if’s” to this list. I find that very few small businesses have taken the time to prepare for these unexpected happenings.

Now, not tomorrow is a good time to make a list of possible unexpected (disaster) happenings for your business and then write out a plan of action, first how to best avoid such a happening and second, what to do in case something does go terribly wrong.

Where there is no GOD in the present, there is no good in the future.

Nick J. Petra CFP

I want to work with your business to bring the good back to your customs and community


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