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You can’t do it overnight….

I just completed an intensive two day Value Based Strategic Planning Session with a new client. Our purpose was to develop an action outline for most of the aspects for growing a business. We looked at the internal management structure, resources and marketing options. During the planning session we put no limits on what management wanted to accomplish, but we did prioritize both the internal (systems and procedures) and external (marketing aspects) goals. Our overall business plan outline covered a two year period during which we would work towards making the necessary changes and implementing new processes and procedures to reach the desired goals.

This firm had  put off the development of a business plan, and for the seven years of its existence they worked on a “whatever needed to be done” basis. Their survival was due to the demand for their unique products and services, but all they had accomplished was to create a job for themselves.

The excitement, after the first half day, came from the realization that for the first time they were standing back and looking at their business. My biggest problem for the remaining day and a half was to help them understand that the complete plan implementation process would not happen the next day.

It’s good to get excited and have a breath of fresh air rejuvenate you but caution and the old adage of walking before running has to come into play. Consistent action with accountability plus checks and balances, will yield much better results than a short term, rapid implementation process of something that was planned for a two year period.

Change always has an element of risk and a slow implementation process will help avoid mistakes9(and to make necessary course changes along the way). For the majority of my clients I establish twice a month accountability meetings. Our meetings are not only to measure progress but to get the owners to step back and look at their business instead of working in it.

A true leader leads, not by the seat of his pants, but by the following a plan…         Nick J. Petra CFP

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