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Collect testimonials, a treasure chest for businesses

Over the years, imbedded in many of my blogs, you found references about the importance of testimonials. This blog focuses on the why’s and the how to’s of testimonials.

I believe that testimonials are one of the best ways to establish credibility. Positive words about your work and company can have a great impact on your prospects. Testimonials transfer the credibility of others as well as that of their company to you.

First and foremost, establishing your credibility requires a disciplined and sustained effort. In other words you can’t ever have enough testimonials.

Who should you ask?   Current and past customers should be your prime target. Perhaps as a new business you may lack a lot of customers, in that case, include friends, social acquaintances, civic organization members, church friends, business owners, etc.

What should they say?  From current and past customers, ask them to define the benefits   that you imparted to make their business/personal life, better. From everyone else, on your “who to ask list” ask them to define your character qualities.

Keep it short!  A testimonial should be brief and to the point. Two to four sentences is sufficient.

What else?

  • Ask permission to
    • Use a name, position in business, and company name
    • To include in their testimonial a phone number and e-mail address (with all the people that are going to be reading your testimonials, they may get some business for themselves)
    • Pictures may be worth a thousand words, so ask permission to use their pictures.
    • Carry all your testimonials in your PRIDE BOOK and make it a part of all your business presentations. If you have a sitting area in your office, leave a copy of it there.

As I mentioned before, this is an ongoing project; make it a point to collect at least two testimonials a week. Start your “who to ask list” now.

Testimonials are like gold, the more you have the richer your business is.           Nick J. Petra CFP

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