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Leads don’t die, efforts do……

A standing complaint from both my business owners and sales clients are that they show their products and services but few of the prospects purchase.

A single presentation appears to be the norm. If the prospect does not buy, then they are discarded and it’s time to find another one. This never ending search for new prospects is one of the hardest parts of being in business, the most frustrating and the most time consuming.

Many businesses fail due to a lack of sales and many commissioned sales people (who in essence are a small business) give up and take a paying job with less income and potential. There is a lesson to be learned when presenting yourself to new prospects.

  • Of the people who listen to your presentation over 80% of them will buy within a year. Why do so many people give up after the first try?
  • Persistence is necessary to close the sale, but not a hard sell. There are so many ways to stay in contact with prospects:
    • The important thing to remember on all follow up methods is that there has to be value presented to the customer.
      • Monthly e-newsletters
      • Follow up personal visit; invite them to coffee or lunch to share a new benefit
      • Invite them to a gathering of several clients at which you have a speaker. I like to keep my groups at three to four maximum clients/prospects. Invite  them  to share their experiences and then have a short informative presentation from an attorney or CPA. These should be evening social functions of not more than an hour and a half in duration and held, if possible, in the your home.
      • Sales are often lost because it is only a presentation where the “salesperson” does all the talking and the prospect is not involved in the dialogue.
      • Value based follow-up procedures are key to successful growth. Does your business have a system for follow up or is it a “hit and miss” effort?

Systematizing the office is important for efficiency but systematizing the follow-up system is the key to business growth.

Value based follow up is key to business growth.

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