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Every system can be improved….

Systems are the backbone of most successful businesses. The goal should be to establish a system for every phase of the business and then work on improving it. An example of a system can be as simple as how a phone is answered or how an e-mail is answered. A system can also be, and should be designed for marketing, production, product/service delivery and customer relations management.

The purpose of a system is to establish an efficient way of handling all the aspects of a business. Too many small businesses handle the same issue in a different way each time it comes up.

Systems accomplish many things:

  • Consistency: your customers know what to expect and you and your staff know how to handle the different aspects of your business.
  • Time management: systems are one of the major time savers that can be implemented by a business
  • Easy to test: once a system is put in place, it is much easier to review and to test its effectiveness and to make changes if necessary.
  • Cost: systems, once completed, will standardize the performance expense.
  • Training: a system will make it easier to train new staff as your business grows.

The items listed above are only a part of the benefits systems bring to a business. Analyze your own business and determine what other systems need to be developed.

The process of system development requires planning; a system should not be implemented by trial and error. All the people who have a part in the system that is being developed should participate in a planning session. A white board or a story board are both good tools for developing a system. With a beginning and  a desired  end, a plan is developed, talked about, changed and then reworked until the final steps are in place and all the participants have agreed. The development process is time consuming and enough time should be allowed.

Once a system is in place it should be constantly monitored and changes made as needed.

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