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All the good plans and good intentions for business growth will never happen unless there is an action plan followed by a timed implementation process. With over 25 years of business planning and coaching experience I believe that one of the greatest benefits I bring to a client is the timed implementation process.

Timed implementation must include the entire business cycle;

  • Company wide time management
  • Business plan components
    • Marketing
      • Establishing a target market
      • Developing internal and external marketing systems
      • Defining target markets
      • Understanding the needs of the target market
      • Following and understanding industry trends
  • Operating systems and procedures
  • Compensating   for  (business/staff/financial/ ) weaknesses
  •  Customer  relations management
  • Accounting practices and budgets
  • Current and future staff analysis
  • Staying current with all changes in technology that will improve product/service delivery
  • Identifying business risks and threats
  • Allocated days to focus on the business instead of working in the business
  • Business and marketing plan reviews
  • Periodic goal review
  • Monthly “how are we doing” analysis
  • Having a functional prioritization schedule
  • Having quarterly opportunity sessions

Within each of these categories, as they  developed in the ongoing planning and coaching process, many sub categories will appear and become building blocks for accomplishing the company vision.

I   don’t want a client to tell me “I can’t do_____”.  As a business owner you better learn how to do things that you don’t like to do or find someone who can. Small business owners have to be competent in all facets of growing a business; as I mentioned before, no one is born with all these capabilities, and they have to be learned.

Enthusiasm sometimes disappears for a time and that is when Character (the ability to carry on after the mood has left you)       comes into play.

Internal determination comes from both the mind and the heart… work on developing yours. Nick Petra

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