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Just received another call inquiring about my firm, Strategic Duck; the part that continuous to amaze me is that the call did not originate from “old” marketing concepts that so many small businesses use. Let me list a few of these, what I call “money wasters” marketing concepts:

  • Newspaper advertising:
  • Direct mail
  • Radio advertising
  • TV advertising
  • Billboard advertising

These marketing concepts may get your name out, but for a small business, I don’t believe that the amount of business generated will cover the cost, not including time and effort. In all these cases, the advertiser is trying to reach thousands of people with the hope that one or two of them may be looking for their types of businesses. None of these “money waster” marketing concepts build rapport with potential future clients.


My call today originated from my Facebook page. The caller shared that he is in the startup phase of a new technology business and is scouring the internet, mostly Facebook, to find support. Let me share a few statics and thoughts about Facebook:

  • There are over 500 million active users  world wide
  • People spend over 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month
  • They share everything about their lives, including what they do for a living, where they eat, what hobbies the have and more.

What does that mean? It means that Facebook, and other social media sites, are changing what we buy and how we buy our products and services. Social media allows you to tell your story and allows potential clients to get a better insight as to your personal values and character. As far as the use of social media for business, it’s time to embrace the future, because it is no longer the future. It is very much present.

Currently I recommend a strong target marketing campaign; a client based referral system; a one on one campaign; permission marketing via blogs and e-newsletters and a structured social media effort.

People buy what they want when the want it more than they want the money it costs.     Zig Ziglar

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