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Understanding the term “Branding” as it relates to business

One of the best definitions of a “Good Brand” is as follows:  “A good brand should be strong, clear, simple, inviting, identifiable within your community, and reflective of your values and strengths as a firm.”  This appeared in an article by Thomas K. Brueckner.  In the same article he wrote:  “Your logo is the visual icon with which the public will associate all of your positive traits.”

I agree with these two statements and personally feel that the proper “branding” process and logo design have to be carefully thought out.  This is going to be your “public face” for many years to come. It should be “done right” from the start. It has to convey your story, and as mentioned above, your values and strengths.  I go one step further and say that it has to be “different”. It should be memorable!

This initial part of the overall branding process lays the foundation for everything else that needs to be accomplished.  Your logo cannot be designed by you or a staff member in an hour. You can’t say that anything will do for now and we will look at it again when we have more time and money.

If you hire, which you should, an outside firm to handle this logo design, allow time and funds to do it right. You should never assign this responsibility based on price alone. Because of its importance, interview between 3 to 5 firms. There are several things to be considered in the interview process:

  1. Look at samples of other work that the firm has done.
  2. Call the buyers of that work and ask them how they felt about the design process.
  3. Let them tell you what information they want from you in order to complete the work. They should ask about your vision statement, your target market, your values, your strengths and other pertinent questions about your firm.
  4. Communications is critical. How will they communicate (show) with you on the progress of the design?
  5. Yes, have a budget in mind when you undertake this critical part of your business growth. My personal feelings are that you should conduct the interview process without knowing what the final cost will be. Once you have selected your first choice then start negotiations on the cost.

With your design complete, all the marketing that your firm does is the branding process. The goal is to build a positive impression in the mind of your target market.

WORRYING does not take away tomorrow’s TROUBLES, it takes away today’s PEACE.

Nick J. Petra CFP      Helping you grow your business is our only business.

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