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A little bit at a time, all the time… The best way to implement a business plan..

Developing a Value based strategic focus plan is a two day process. It is intense and often the owners are overwhelmed with the apparent scope of what the plan requires during the implementation process.

In my book, Seven Weeks To Increased Profits, I introduced a daily “to do” schedule. It is a very intense combination business and marketing plan. It features a different assignment for each work day of the week, and I meet with my clients every week to review their progress.  (My book is available at

Although this book is aimed primarily at the smaller business, the concept works equally well with larger firms. By taking each segment of the plan and assigning a daily task in one or more areas, the work load becomes more achievable.

The important thing to remember is that the plan is developed to be implemented over a one to three year time period. Instant gratification (other than a good feeling because a plan now exists) is not part of the process.  Prioritization is important because the immediate needs are different for each business. In some cases we look at revenue production as the number one priority, in other situations it is the development of new systems to allow for expansion. Measurable goals are establish for each month in addition to the completion of the daily assignments.

While working with business owners who have adopted Seven Weeks to Increased Profits as the path to working together, the daily task is not always completed. That does not mean that we give up, it means we continue the next day and take up were we left off.

The key to success in daily assignments is the communications that we establish. My out of town clients use SKYPE for our weekly meetings and e-mails during the weeks to discuss issues with which they may need help. Local clients use either a weekly video meeting or a weekly personal meeting.  I allocateseveral hours a day to answer e-mails and, if necessary, to touch base with my clients by phone or video conferencing.

The daily tasks outlined in my book can be used and even modified to fit most businesses. If a daily task development is required, we usually work them one month in the future. The daily tasks are developed in a one day session with me and the owner/management team.

My message is the importance of taking a step forward every business day. In addition to the plan development, my other critical function is to make sure the plan is implemented according to a schedule.

Decisions help us start. Discipline helps us finish.

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