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Small business success….. a direct correlation to your VIP contact base

First, let’s define a “VIP contact base”: this is a list of people that:

  • Know and trust you
  • Are in a position to introduce you to your target market
  • Are current clients
  • Are potential clients for your firm ( they meet all your target market criteria)

How to start?

  • Make a list of everyone you know and then apply the above criteria to the list and keep only those that meet the criteria.
  • Since all these names belong to people that you know, add the names to your “2 coffees and 2 lunches” weekly contact list.
  • Refer back to the blog I wrote yesterday and follow the instructions.
  • Be aware of all the people you meet and match them against your VIP contact base profile. If they fit, add them to your list.

Other tools and systems:

  • Have “your story” ready. A story not a sales pitch.
  • Have a value based e-newsletter ready to send out on a regular basis. If possible, carry a hard copy with and present it if the opportunity arises.
  • Prospects will check you out on your web site. Make sure that it represents your values and benefits.
  • Be ready to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Have a logo that is unique and memorable
  •  Well done marketing material (anything you hand out, business cards, flyers, brochures) should again carry your logo, values and benefits.
  • Have a vision statement   and always work towards achieving it.
  • A pocket journal to make notes on the people you meet.

While this is only one part of an overall marketing plan, there has to be a target as to the number of people that get added to your VIP contact base each month. I recommend a minimum of 6 new additions each month.   They may not all turn out to be clients at the time you meet them, but an ongoing contact system will help turn them into future clients.

Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.             

Nick J. Petra CFP      Growing your business is our only business©

Make it a Successful Today!         


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