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This evening I had an opportunity to attend a presentation at Arizona State University Sky Song. It features 20 new companies headed up by ASU students, alumni or professors. From over 300 presentations these 20 were chosen to receive “seed funding” up to $20,000 to bring their concepts to the market.  These entrepreneurs shared their stories and what stage of development their businesses were in at the present time.  This program is under the supervision of the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative.  Their main purpose for their presentations was to ask for help to bridge the gap between the confines of a University and “the Real World”. The majority of these businesses are owned/ run, by a team of highly educated people, most have masters or doctors degrees in their specialty, or are pursuing those degrees at the present time.

As a mentor for Arizona State University in this program, I was in awe of the variety of businesses that were presented to us. The following are a few of the products and services these new companies are working on.

  • Ella’s Monitor, a revolutionary, low cost device that will save infants from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The graduate student that is head of this business lost his daughter to this syndrome two years ago.
  • LlungVantage RNA Index is the next generation lung cancer tests for doctors and their patients who want to detect the cancer while it is still treatable.
  • The Mechaddy is a lever operated device that uses a chest press motion to propel a mechanical wheelchair. It will improve mobility for manual wheelchair users who want to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome as well as joint damage from occurring to their rotator cuffs.
  • KVZ sports,a fully integrated design and manufacturing company that provides apparel products, on demand, to action sports clients. They manufacture most of their products in the United States.
  • AsymSolutions  is a veteran-owned aerospace and defense company ( owners are graduate students who have served in the middle east) that provides military and public threat detection and elimination products.
  • PhycoLogical produces omega-3 enriched algae and algae oil

I have only introduced 6 of the 20 presenters. Others feature, new solar innovations for generating electricity, a spray that replaces the reliance on  honey bees to pollenate, web and high tech designs and products, home energy saving device, and much more.

After much deliberation, I selected three of the companies to meet with in the next few weeks and then will select one that I feel I am best suited to help achieve their goals. This program and other similar programs offered at ASU lead the nation in the development of home grown innovative businesses. Within the next year many of these businesses will be hiring new employees. They are, in my opinion, the foundation for taking the United States back to a leadership position in innovation and manufacturing.

Be the change you want to see in the world.                                                    Mahatma Gandhi

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