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The world as I see it…..

At lunch today I sat across from a friend I haven’t seen for several years. After exchanging a few “what have you been up to lately” words, he asked me what I thought was going on in my business and the economy as a whole.  It wasn’t difficult to share my opinion….

I thought about a few things before I gave an answer. This morning I woke up to the news that more countries were burning our flag and protesting against the US. The teachers’ strike had not been settled even though they had been offered a decent increase and were making more money than many other  teachers  in our country. The two parties are still running derogatory advertisements against each other and promising us “motherhood and apple pie” if elected.

Perhaps I should have thought more before I answered but, in summary, this was my answer.

First I am mad and then I am scared. With thousands burning our flag around the world, I did not see an outcry from the citizens of our country. What I did see was a lot of “words” uttered by our government officials who either don’t care or don’t know any better, about the rising violence against the United States.

I am mad because our deficit is growing out of control with no apparent concern…. I am mad because so many citizens in our country does not understand that the government cannot take care of everything for them for an indefinite amount of time…. I am mad because we won’t control our borders…. I am mad because I find laziness among many people that have the potential to start a business or go to work, or get educated, or volunteer…. I am mad because we no longer stress the importance of family life…… I am mad because so many people won’t take responsibility for their actions…. I am mad that thousands of people are killed every month by violent crimes in the United States yet the issue is not confronted….I am mad because we have taken GOD and prayer out of our daily life…..

And I am scared because we may be on a path to lose the freedoms on which our country was founded ….I am scared because so many people don’t recognize or don’t care about what is going on in their own communities..

Yes, there are a few who care and they are the ones that have to raise their voices and take the risk of upsetting the “status quo”. A few can make the difference, but only if they speak out and take action in the family, business, social and spiritual communities.

Faith is to believe what we do not see; and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.

St. Augustine of Hippo

Nick J. Petra CFP

Make it a Successful day….. speak out and take action


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